Zeus – Love Pain

So I’m a regular listener of Morning Becomes Eclectic, the daily tastemaker music show on LA’s local NPR affiliate, KCRW 89.9 FM. If you’re not in LA, you can stream it live here (9am to noon PDT, weekdays). Host (and station music director) Jason Bentley just has one of those ears that makes all music fans—from hipsters to heads and everything in between—think to themselves, “weird, this guy has the same taste as me.” Always a crafty tracklist, and you’re sure to discover a new band every seven songs or so. Maybe even a new genre once in a while. If there’s one common denominator from each song to the next, it’s quality. Dude doesn’t spin many shitty tunes.

All that said, I don’t always perk up when Bentley hands it over to what’s-her-name to present “Today’s Top Tune.” Maybe that’s because it bothers me to listen to what’s-her-name blatantly recite a press release by way of introducing this great new band we have to hear. But that’s mean. At least what’s-her-name seems to have a pretty cool ear, herself. Case in point, today’s Top Tune from Toronto rockers Zeus. As “Love Pain” chugged along, I thought members of The Bees, The Sheepdogs and Radio Moscow had been abducted by a resurgent Zappa and forced to write a song in the back of his windowless white van. Then I listened to the rest of Busting Visions and decided that was probably accurate.

Zeus – Love Pain

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